SURE FOOD field activities in Nairobi start today – recruitment of households in Kibera

On Monday morning, SURE FOOD’s international WP 1 team meets at the Kibera Chiefs Camp to start its activities in one of Nairobi’s biggests slums – Kibera. The purpose of today’s activity is to recruit 20 households for the first Focus Group Discussion which is scheduled for Wednesday, 17 November 2021 in Kibera.

The activity is led by the WP1’s and University of Nairobi’s Dr. Jonathan M. Nzuma, and co-led by University of Hohenheim’s Dr. Hamid R. Oskorouchi. The project coordinator Prof. Dr. Alfonso Sousa-Poza (University of Hohenheim) is taking part in the activities as well.

Further team members are young researchers Charles Maina and Grace Werikhe from the University of Nairobi and Marta Parigi of the University of Hohenheim. The research team is supported by local guides and security guards.

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